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Construction or Draw mortgages carry a unique set of complexities, but they don’t have to be overwhelming. With a myriad of misconceptions around this mortgage type, having an expert guide you is key to avoiding potential pitfalls. At EBS Mortgages, we have not only successfully secured draw mortgages for our clients but also experienced them firsthand

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Draw or COnstruction Mortgages

Safeguarding Your Construction Financing Journey

The Draw, or Construction Mortgage

There are a GREAT number of misconceptions regarding a Construction Mortgage.  We’ve heard everything and have seen most.  This mortgage is very labour-intensive from an administration standpoint, so most financial institutions tend to shy away.  The Good News is, not only have we secured draw mortgages for our clients, but we’ve also secured them for ourselves as well.  We know what works; we know what doesn’t.

And believe us when we say the last thing you want is angry, unpaid trades because your draws were not set up correctly.  Thinking about building that dream home? Give us a call so we can ensure the financing of your dream doesn’t become your worst nightmare.

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